The holidays (and the headaches) are almost here!

This time of year, the majority of my clients complain of stress, headaches and neck pain. So, for the final Muscle of the Month for 2015, I’m focusing on a group of muscles that are typically the culprit of these complaints, and probably one of the muscles that I work with the most. Truthfully it’s the one that hurts me the most as well! In my experience, this muscle group is also the single most pleasing and popular area for massage. No other area gets such rave reviews, it can be deeply relaxing and provides much relief!

Pain in the Booty

Happy October!

Fall is definitely in the air in our home. We’re up to our eyeballs in football between our beloved Broncos and both boys playing on flag football teams….we’re working on coming up with some great Halloween costumes…and we’re gearing up for winter and the upcoming snowboard season. And just think, only 85 more days till Christmas! Yikes!

This month’s muscle is one that seems to bother us all at one point or another. It’s deep, guarded, sensitive, temperamental and a real pain in the butt!

Thumbs up for September

I’m also celebrating my 16th year as a massage therapist this month! I am so incredibly grateful to still be going strong in a career that I love so much. I honestly cannot imagine doing anything else! People often ask if my hands are sore after all these years of massaging. I’ll tell you a secret….some times, if I work too hard or too much in one day, I do get sore thumbs and hands. This month’s muscle is one that I have to really work with to keep from hurting me and I’ve found most people have some level of soreness in this muscle.
So, without further ado……September’s Muscle of the Month…..