Announcing an exciting new change!

If there’s one thing we can count on in life, it’s that things change! And although I may not be a huge fan of change, I do realize that sometimes a switch up can be exciting and positive!
So with that….I have decided to change my software and online booking system and I can’t wait to share this new system with you all! Beginning Feb 1st, I will switch to Massage Book, an all inclusive, user friendly software system that will help me manage my schedule, allow you all to book and pay for sessions online as well as purchase gift certificates online, and it will encompass my credit card payments without a third party, as well as many other cool new features. Check out the online link here, or head on over to my Rates & Schedule page where you’ll see the booking link and online scheduling calendar. And of course you can still email/call/text me directly to schedule. You may also use the link to prepay for appointments with your credit card or purchase gift certificates. Other than that, it should be business as usual for you all, my dear clients!

My Most Favorite Gift…..

Tis the season for……warm sweaters and fuzzy blankets, kids with colds, parties galore, final exams, decorating cookies, making our lists, and finding the best gift for all of the loved ones….Man it’s busy around here!
But this time of year is also so beautiful and magical, for the young as well as the old. It’s a time to focus on giving, on spreading cheer and good will, and for being together with those that matter most to us. Speaking of those that matter most….