My Favorite Summer Activity!

It was challenging to pick just one summer activity to be my favorite for this month’s newsletter. There are so many things I love about summer and so many things I love to do…how do I pick just one?! Read more…

Friends are my Favorite!

This month we will celebrate all the moms on Mothers day, the end of another school year, Memorial Day and National Wine Day, (May 25th in case you need to mark your calendar!) This month I will also be celebrating the 15th anniversary of the opening of Tranquil Massage. I am so proud and so blessed, and I’ve built this business with a little help from my friends. Which is why…..

My Favorite Muscle!

Over my 15 years running Tranquil Massage, I figure I’ve done over 7,000 massages on hundreds of different bodies. Each body is unique and every massage I do is custom to what that body needs that particular day. I really love working on all areas and muscles, but I think there’s one muscle that I love to massage more than any other and I’m making it my favorite thing for this month….read more